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Start here: inventor's step-by-step guide

OpenFabLab is a guide for crazy brave people who dare to make innovation from sratch. This is focused mostly on technology and methodolgy of hardware invention, but also covers software, economical and social aspects. Don't hesitate to ask me by mail openfablab@gmail.com if you need any help with your inventions. Subscribe to newsletter to never miss our updates.

Part I: Choose your challenge

  1. Why hardware innovation? Today hardware it is not so popular field as pure software innovation. Some people ask "Is it a dead field?" Some people even say "We live in the info-age, we do not need to mess with hardware". This situation has an...
  2. Invention ideas. You do not need them. Crowds of people browse the Web looking for ready invention ideas. But it is something like browsing urban streets to find a piece of gold. Even if you will find there a piece of something, it is very unlikely to be a gold. You understand this metaphor.
  3. What to invent?You, probably, have already chosen an area for your innovation (if not, that post is for you) . What is it? Aerospace? Robotics? Or, may, be nano/biotech? What is about you?

Part II: Prepare yourself

Part III: Solve the Problem

Part IV: Implement your solution

Part V: Prototype, test and debug

Part VI: Develop manufacturing technology

Part VII: Manage investments

Part VIII: Commercialization

Part IX: Organization issues

Part X: Educate your followers